First the Eclipse and now the Lancer. A new report claims that Mitsubishi is working on a new compact crossover that will bear the Lancer name. Over the past few years Mitsubishi has thrown all of its cards in the SUV segment, which meant killing off once popular models, like the Eclipse, Galant and Lancer. Rather than develop new names for its crossovers, Mitsubishi has decided to resurrect old names, which is why the Eclipse was reborn as the Eclipse Cross and now the Lancer name will reportedly used by a new smaller crossover.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept

According to a report from Auto Express, the Lancer name will be used for a new small crossover that will compete with models, like the Toyota C-HR and Honda HR-V. The new Lancer will likely borrow styling cues from the e-Evolution concept, which Mitsubishi’s chief designer, Tsunehiro Kunimoto hinted at by saying that the concept design would be ideal for a smaller vehicle.

The design of the new Lancer crossover is close to being finalized, but we have yet to hear when Mitsubishi plans to release it. So for now we can just mourn the death of the Lancer and the iconic Lancer Evolution.

Source: Auto Express