If you’ve been hoping that Mitsubishi will release some sort of successor the much loved Mitsubishi Evolution, you’ll be disappointed to hear that a new Evo still isn’t in the cards. This week Mitsubishi revealed an Evo badged concept, the e-Evolution concept, which could hint at a completely different direction for the Evo.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept

Mitsubishi execs revealed to Australia’s Motoring at the debut of the e-Evolution concept in Tokyo that the concept will likely just remain a concept. The concept is merely a design study of how a future Evo model could look, but no decision has been made to produce it.

Mitsubishi is hard at work on its new turnaround plan, but that doesn’t mean a new Evo is part of it. Mitsubishi’s global product planning and development boss Vincent Cobee revealed more details, where he said that a new Evo isn’t even on the table.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept

“Is there going to be an SUV Evo? Not in my current plan. I’m not even sure of what an Evo customer will be interested in buying,” Cobee stated.

Mitsubishi wants a 30 percent increase in sales and profit in the next three years, but unfortunately Cobee doesn’t see any significant profits from an Evo-badged model. While a new Evo won’t likely have a significant impact to Mitsubishi’s sales and profits, it could be positioned as a halo model for the brand.

“But let’s be clear – the car you are talking about is unlikely to be a profitable car in any case, so it will take time to decide. But is it interesting as a showcase, as a halo?”

Source: Motoring