Mini Launches Manualhood Ad Campaign: Manuals Have More Fun

These days most cars are sold with automatic transmissions and the new dual-clutch technology has made manual transmissions even more scarce. Especially considering that many new automatic transmissions actually get better gas mileage than their manual counterparts. In 1985 22 percent of all vehicles sold in the U.S. were equipped with a manual transmission, but last year that total was only 5 percent. Although most U.S. car buyers would rather have their cars do all the shifting for them, Mini buyers choose the manual option at a much higher rate.

According to Mini, 34 percent of the Cooper, Cooper convertible and Clubman choose the three pedal version. It’s even higher in New England at 50 percent. To promote the manual transmission Mini is launching a new ad campaign: Manualhood.

The Manualhood campaign toutes the virtues of the manual transmission “Automatics might be easy. But manuals have more fun.”

Mini is even offering $500 off any new Mini Clubman, Cooper or Cooper Convertible with a manual transmission.