Mini Clubvan Concept to Debut in Geneva

Next month Mini will unveil the new Clubvan concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The Mini Clubvan concept is obviously based on the Mini Clubman, but has even more load-carrying capability.

The Clubvan concept does away with the Clubman’s rear seats and a partition grille now sits directly behind the two front seats. The totally level floor makes full use of the interior’s depth, and that allows the concept car’s load capacity to exceed the maximum achieved by the Mini Clubman. The concept retains the Clubman’s five doors, which allows owners the option of loading or unloading smaller items from the side of the car as well as the rear.

The Mini Clubvan Concept comes is painted in a British Racing Green exterior paintwork, which extends to the roof, C-pillars and exterior mirror caps. Its rear side windows are opaque and heavily tinted glass for the rear doors make it difficult to see into the load compartment.