Mercedes-Benz is launching a full range of electric EQ models and now it’s unveiled the 2023 EQE350, which is the perfect alternative to the internal combustion powered E-Class. If you like the look of the EQS, you should like the EQE, since it looks similar, but with a smaller footprint.

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE350

The EQE in some ways looks a bit better than the larger EQS with its unique front end and more prominent shoulders. The EQE doesn’t get a rear hatch like the EQS and instead has a regular trunk opening.

Inside the interior is modern and futuristic with its wide Hyperscreen that stretches the entire width of the interior. That massive screen will also let passengers in Europe watch movies, but a camera-based monitoring system will make sure the driver doesn’t take their eyes off the road in front of them.

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE350

The EQE will launch with the EQE350, which is powered by a single 288 electric motor that powers the rear wheels. All-wheel drive versions with an electric motor on the front axle, will be introduced later and the AWD version is expected to have over 400 horsepower. An AMG version is also coming.

Thanks to its 90.8 kWh battery, Mercedes says that the EQE350 has a driving range of 410 miles on Europe’s WLTP cycle. Here in the US, the EPA range estimate will be a bit lower.