Mercedes-Benz has announced that its new X-Class pickup is going to debut this month on July 18. Although Mercedes-Benz is keeping the truck under wraps until the 18th of this month, it has released a teaser clip of the new X-Class, which will remain pretty close to the concept.

Mercedes-Benz calls the X-Class pickup the “first of a new kind.” The X-Class be based on the Nissan Navara pickup and although midsize pickups are making a comeback here in the United States, Mercedes has no plans to sell it here. The X-Class will be sold in Europe, Asia, and South America, but Mercedes-Benz feels that it’s too small to find any buyers here in the U.S.

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Mercedes-Benz X-Class Concept

We’ll have all the details soon, but the X-Class will be able to tow around 7,000 pounds.

Source: Mercedes-Benz