In addition to the Mazda Kai concept, Mazda has unveiled a second concept for the Tokyo Motor Show – the stunning Mazda Vision Coupe concept. The Vision Coupe concept takes Mazda’s Kodo design language to new heights with its sleek coupe-like styling that even takes some cues from the RX-Vision concept that we saw in 2015.

Mazda Vision Coupe Concept

While it was rumored that Mazda would reveal a new rotary-powered concept again this year in Tokyo, the Vision Coupe concept is definitely not a disappointment. Mazda says that the goal with the Vision Coupe concept was “the pursuit of a unique elegance.” The overall styling is restrained with a simple design that does without the superfluous elements that some of Mazda’s competitors are using in their design languages.

Mazda Vision Coupe Concept

“The Mazda Vision Coupe is a next-generation design vision model which showcases the “new elegance” that we have developed, drawing upon Mazda’s long history of design. The name of the car—“COUPE”—gives a hint of where this special “Mazda elegance” originally came from.”

The design of the Vision Coupe features a cab-rearward stance with the concept’s shape forming a single smooth line, based on the “golden ratio” of classic coupe proportions.

Mazda Vision Coupe Concept

Inside the theme of “less is more” continues with a minimalistic overall design that is simple, yet elegant. Mazda’s goal with the interior was for the passengers to “feel safely ensconced in the cabin without any sense of confinement, creating a sense of oneness between the car and those who travel in it.” The interior does away with the endless buttons, knobs and screens that plague today’s cars. To display important information to the driver, the concept features a a see-through screen developed by Mazda; it functions as a display only at those times when it is required, creating an interior space with perfect visibility for the driver’s needs.

Mazda has not revealed any details about what powers the Mazda Vision Coupe concept, but it’s not hard to imagine a rotary engine under that long hood.

Source: Mazda