Mazda is Considering Coupe and All-Wheel-Drive Versions of the New Mazda6

Mazda may build coupe and all-wheel-drive variants of the new 2014 Mazda6 that was unveiled at the Moscow Motor Show.

Mazda has unveiled the all-new 2014 Mazda6 midsize sedan at the Moscow Motor Show. The new Mazda6 is scheduled to start arriving in some markets this fall. At the show chief designer Akira Tamatani revealed that Mazda is currently deciding if a coupe version of the Mazda6 makes sense. Tamatani told Autocar, “There is no decision, but I would love to make one. The first job is to make the saloon and estate, but from this position a coupe is not so far away.”


If a coupe version is produced, it could arrive as early as a year after the sedan and wagon versions arrive. Mazda program manager Hiroshi Kajiyama also confirmed that an all-wheel drive Mazda6 is currently being evaluated by Mazda.

“There are no set plans, but we are studying the possibility of introducing all-wheel drive – it would be a good weapon with which to establish the brand,” said Kajiyama. “It is my belief that there is a very strong opportunity for us if we bring it to market.”