Ever since the RX-8 went away there have been on and off-again rumors about a new rotary-powered Mazda. The most recent hint that a new rotary came just a few months ago at the Geneva Motor Show when Mazda hinted that a new EV with a rotary range extender could be a possibility. Now Mazda is hinting again that the rotary engine could even be modified to run on hydrogen, in addition to a range extender.

Mazda hints about the new rotary-powered model in its official magazine, Zoom-Zoom.

“The rotary may indeed be on the verge of a comeback. As the primary power source, it may be comparatively thirstier as revs rise and fall and loads vary. But at constant and optimal rpm, such as experienced by a generator, it is ideal.”

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We may not have to wait too long to hear any official updates, since it’s rumored that Mazda will reveal more details this fall.

“It’s been half a century since Mazda’s rotary engine debuted in the Cosmo Sport, rewriting automotive history in the process. And the story’s not over yet,” Mazda stated in its magazine.

Source: Motoring