Mazda Confirms the End of Mazda6 Production in the US

It was reported last week that Mazda was planning on ending its partnership with Ford at the AutoAlliance International plant in Michigan plant that currently produces the Mazda6 sedan. Mazda has now officially confirmed that the next-generation midsize sedan will be produced in Hofu, Japan.

Mazda decided to move all production of the Mazda6 to Hofu “in order to improve production and investment efficiencies and optimize our business.” The current generation Mazda6 will continue to be produced at the Michigan plant until the end of its current life cycle.



HIROSHIMA, Japan – Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that the company will build its next midsize car (CD-car) for the North American market at its Hofu Plant in Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan, as part of ongoing efforts to increase global manufacturing efficiencies.

“Currently, production of the Mazda6 (known as Atenza in Japan) exists in three locations: at our Hofu Plant in Japan, AutoAlliance International (AAI) in Michigan, USA, and at FAW Car Co., Ltd. in Changchun, Jilin province, China. Our intention is to transfer production of our next CD-car for North America from AAI and consolidate it at Hofu in order to improve production and investment efficiencies and optimize our business,” said Takashi Yamanouchi, Representative Director and Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Mazda Motor Corporation. “The decision was made after carefully assessing all risks and opportunities, including global needs, changing demand in North America, and exchange rate exposure. Going forward, Mazda will strive to maintain and grow our business in America.

“The decision to relocate to Hofu and consolidate the production of the next CD-car makes the most sense for our business,” stated Mr. Yamanouchi. “However, we are committed to working with Ford, our joint venture partner in AAI, to identify potential future opportunities for the plant. Mazda and Ford have enjoyed a close relationship for over 30 years. We have collaborated on projects where there are mutual benefits, and both companies remain committed to continuing this strategic partnership.”

The current North American Mazda6 will continue to be built at AAI until the end of its current cycle plan. Mazda is conducting various studies with Ford on the future of AAI and will announce details at the appropriate time.

AAI was established as Mazda Motor Manufacturing (USA) Corporation in 1985. It became a joint venture between Mazda Motor Corporation and Ford Motor Company in 1992, when the name was changed to AutoAlliance International, Inc. Since production commenced in 1987, the facility has produced over 1.7 million Mazda vehicles, including the Mazda MX-6, Mazda 626 and the Mazda6. Mazda6 production began at AAI in 2002, and to date the facility has built over 500,000 units. The Mazda6 went on sale in 2002 as the first of Mazda’s new generation products to personify the Zoom-Zoom brand message, and it has continued to gain a strong following ever since.