Lutz Confirms that GM will Build the Cadillac Converj

Today GM’s Bob Lutz officially announced at the conference of the Society of Automotive Analysts that GM is going to build the Cadillac Converj extended-range electric vehicle. Teh Cadillac Converj will officially be the second plug-in extended-range electric vehicle that GM is going to introduce.

The Converj Concept was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show last year and was based on the same powertrain that is going to power the upcoming Chevy Volt. According to Lutz, GM has just started developement on the Converj and it is at least a few years away.

The Cadillac Converj is cleared for production,” Lutz said. He wouldn’t commit to a production date. “You’ll see it when you see it. It won’t be next year or the year after that.”

Full Story: Detroit News

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