Lincoln has finally decided to ditch its current MK naming structure and is going back to using more memorable names, like Continental and Aviator. We’ve been waiting to hear what the MKC crossover will be renamed and now it’s being reported that the it will be renamed the Lincoln Corsair.

2019 Lincoln MKC

According to Automotive News, Ford has already informed its U.S. dealers that Lincoln’s next-generation compact crossover will be called the Lincoln Corsair when it arrives in 2020 as a 2021 model.

Ford has also already shown dealers the Corsair along with the next-generation Ford Escape, Explorer, Mach 1 electric crossover, its new small off-road SUV and the next Lincoln Continental. Side note the rumors about the Continental getting suicide doors seem to be true since the model shown in Orlando last month had the unique doors.

Since the Corsair isn’t going to arrive until 2020, some sources feel that Ford may decide to use a different name for the MKC replacement, but for now we do know that the name has been trademarked.

Source: Automotive News