Lexus has been vocal about the fact that it is skeptical about the electric vehicle segment, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to continue to introduce electrified models. Lexus has now confirmed that it will offer an electrified version of every model in its lineup by 2025.

2019 Lexus UX crossover

Speaking to Australia’s Motoring, Jennifer Barron, the brand’s director in Canada revealed that Lexus is not only working on new hybrid models, but it will also introduce new plug-in hybrid and fully electric models.

“Electrification really is for everyone, and when we talk about our hybrids we are talking about electrification. Lexus has committed to producing an electrified version of every Lexus vehicle by 2025. And this will include plug-in and full battery-electric models.”

As of right now it’s not known yet which models will get the plug-in hybrid or fully electric powertrains.

Source: Motoring