Lexus LF-A Supercar Cancelled?

Lexus has been working on its LF-A supercar for quite sometime. It originally appeared as a concept, which was eventually approved for production…well now things may have changed.

Lexus has been tight lipped on the actual production date for its new supercar and recently it was revealed that the car would cost upwards of $225,000 once it ever reached showrooms. On top of that even at over $200 thousand bucks…Toyota would still not make a profit on the LF-A. Well now there are rumors that Toyota has killed plans for the car. Members of the testing and development crew that are testing the car in Germany recently revealed that the car is not destined for the showroom…it’s only being used as a development platform.

There are many reasons why Toyota may have decided to kill the car, including the insane price, lack of profit and also many people may not be willing to pay that much for a Toyota/ Lexus.

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