The new Land Rover Defender is arriving in two versions with two- and four-doors named the 90 and 110, respectively. While we’re excited that the new Defender is here, a new report claims that Land Rover is planning a smaller Defender for the lineup.

2020 Land Rover Defender

According to Car and Driver, Land Rover is working on a smaller and more affordable Defender, which might be called the Defender 80. There’s also a chance that the Defender 80 will share its platform with a model from the parent company, Tata. It will also likely be powered by Jaguar Land Rover’s new turbocharged Ingenium engines, including hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains.

The Land Rover Defender 80 would be the perfect rival to other small off-roaders, like the new Ford Bronco Sport, plus it could probable also rival the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler.

Land Rover has yet to confirm the reports about the Defender 80, but this latest report claims that it will arrive in 2022, which would likely mean that it will be a 2023 model.