Land Rover Mulling Range Rover "Grand Evoque"

Land Rover is currently deciding whether it needs to add a fourth model to the Range Rover lineup. Land Rover is trying to decide if a new vehicle is needed to bridge the gap between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport.

According to insiders a new model, dubbed the “Grand Evoque” is being considered, which would take the Evoque’s sporty design and apply to a more family friendly SUV. The new model would keep the Evoque’s coupe-like styling, but would be closer in size to the BMW X6. The “Grand Evoque” would be based on the same LR-MS platform as the Evoque, but would be stretched by as much as 12 inches to increase rear legroom and storage space in the back. A third-row seat is unlikely, since designers are keen on keeping the coupe-like roofline from the Evoque.

The fourth Range Rover would also be offered in both front and all-wheel-drive versions with a choice of four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines.

There is also word that this platform could be used for the basis of a new Jaguar crossover.