Kia's RWD Sport Sedan Concept to be Named Veredus?

Kia is going to debut a new rear-wheel-drive sport sedan concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month. Although the automaker has released the first official photos of the concept, we’ve yet to hear an official name.

Car and Driver
is reporting that the concept may be dubbed “Veredus” due to a recent patent filing. According to Car and Driver, the sport sedan concept is the only vehicle in Kia’s short-term plans that still needs a name, so it makes sense that it would be applied to this concept. There is a possibility that the name will be used on a production vehicle, such as Kia’s version of the Hyundai Azera or its upcoming rear-wheel-drive sedan based on the Hyundai Genesis.

Stay tuned…

kia_sport_sedan_concept_2.jpg kia_sport_sedan_concept_3.jpg kia_sport_sedan_concept_4.jpg kia_sport_sedan_concept_5.jpg

Car and Driver