Jeep May Revive the Cherokee Name For the Liberty Replacement

Jeep may revive the Cherokee nameplate for the Liberty replacement in the US.

Jeep is hard at work on a replacement for the Jeep Liberty, with its replacement due to be unveiled at the upcoming 2013 New York Auto Show in March. According to Wards Auto, although the D-segment SUV is a direct replacement for the Liberty, Jeep may decide to revive the historic Cherokee nameplate in the US.
“There are clearly only two options for the name of this vehicle: It’s either going to be Cherokee or it’s going to be Liberty,” said Jeep-brand President and CEO Mike Manley. “We are going to make that decision in the very near future. Both of them are historical names, Cherokee more so than Liberty.”


The last year the Cherokee was sold in the US was 2001, when it was then replaced by the Liberty. Even though the Cherokee was replaced by the Liberty for two generations, the Cherokee name was still used outside of the US. We will have to wait until March to see which name Jeep decides to use… Which name do you prefer?

Wards Auto