Last year Jeep announced that the first ever Wrangler Plug-in Hybrid will be introduced in 2020 and now the Jeep has announced that the power electronics module for the Wrangler PHEV will be built in Toledo, Ohio.

2018 Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler Plug-in Hybrid’s power electronics module houses two key electrified powertrain components – the power inverter module and the integrated dual charger module, which consists of the on board charger and the DC/DC converter. The power electronics module is packaged in a protective structure under the vehicle between the exhaust and the prop shaft. Once the Toledo Machining plant finishes building and testing the module, it’s then going to be sent to the Toledo Assembly Complex where the Wrangler PHEV will be assembled.

When the Jeep Wrangler Plug-in Hybrid arrives in 2020 it will be one of more than 30 electrified vehicles that Fiat Chrysler plans to introduce by 2022. “As the most iconic of the Jeep nameplates, it is critical that we flawlessly execute the launch of the Wrangler PHEV. The Toledo Machining employees have made a strong business case as to why we should put our faith in them to deliver a great product,” stated Brian Harlow, Head of Manufacturing, FCA North America.