Jay Leno Tells Detroit to Make Better Cars…Then Maybe They Would Sell

Jay Leno recently described what he feels is plaguing American automakers, poor quality economy cars.

According to Jay Leno American automakers excel at making full size trucks like the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado, but due to the high gas prices Americans no longer want these vehicles. He also described how these automakers also excel at producing high performance vehicles like the Corvette ZR1 that has over 500 horsepower and still gets 26 mpg. These vehicles prove that American automakers have the knowledge and willpower to make great vehicles, but they continue to ignore the small car market. According to Leno Ford, GM and Chrysler build excellent high price cars at the expense of the cheaper models. “In order to make the more expensive car more appealing, U.S. companies feel as though they have to dumb down the cheaper car.”

Leno also stated that “I believe that, all things being equal, Americans will buy American. It just has to be as good as the competition; it doesn’t have to be better.”

Leno feels that American automakers should use Harley Davidson as an example. The motor cycle maker was plagued with quality problems in the 1970’s but eventually turned it around and continues to dominate the market today.

American automakers are working on better small cars like the upcoming Ford Fiesta, but will Americans buy these small domestic cars or will they continue to flock to Honda and Toyota?

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