Japanese Government Tells Toyota to Test Prius Brakes for Defects

Toyota can’t seem to get a break right now. The Japanese government has ordered Toyota to investigate a possible brake defect in the new third-generation Prius after receiving 14 reports of brake trouble.

According to Kenji Sato, a transport ministry official in charge of recall policy, owners have complained about momentary loss of braking power at low speeds. 10 of the 14 complaints occurred in January. In the US, NHTSA has received 111 complaints about the brakes on the 2010 Prius. The drivers have been complaining about their vehicles unexpectedly surging forward or losing braking power after driving over a pothole or other uneven surface.

The Prius is equipped with regenerative brakes, which significantly improve gas mileage on hybrids by recharging the car’s batteries with energy from the wheels. It’s unclear if there is a problem yet with the regenerative braking system. The third-generation Prius received an overhauled regenerative brake system, which is different from the previous Prius.

Full Story: NY Times

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