Jaguar has yet to confirm the hotter I-Pace SVR, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t heard plenty of rumors or even hints about the high-performance version of Jaguar’s new electric car. Now we have another hint from Jaguar’s product planning boss Hanno Kirner who hints that the I-Pace SVR will focus more on handling than 0-60 mph times.

“We have asked ourselves how you would ‘SVR’ an electric car,” Kirner recently told Autocar. “Yes, we can make it do 0-60 mph in 1.8 sec. It’s a good headline, but once you’ve done it once or twice, and lost your eyes in the back of their sockets, you might not want to do it again.”

With the instantaneous amounts of torque that an electric provides Kirner is worried that even more power in the I-Pace SVR could be a bit dangerous for inexperienced drivers. “You also have to make sure you can’t go too fast,” he stated. “I do worry that the instant torque and performance might be too much for untrained drivers. It may be that we have to impose some kind of restriction, so that the performance is limited until they have gone on a driving course or something.”

So instead of focusing on out right acceleration, the Jaguar I-Pace SVR on its handling and perfect 50/50 weight distribution. Sadly we still don’t know when the I-Pace SVR will become a reality.

Source: Autocar