It was recently revealed that Jaguar trademarked the C-Pace name in Europe, which could possibly be used for a new crossover and now have another new Jaguar trademark. Jaguar recently trademarked the J-Type name, which hints at a new sports car.

Jaguar C-X75

Like the E-Type and F-Type models, Jaguar reserves the “Type” names for its sports cars, while its crossovers use the “Pace” name. With the Jaguar J-Type trademark, Jaguar could be interested in adding a new sports car to its lineup, but it’s not known if it would be an F-Type successor.

AutoGuide uncovered the J-Type trademark, which was filed with the European Intellectual Property Office and just like the C-Pace trademark, the J-Type name was reserved for several possible uses. Only time will tell if Jaguar’s next sports car will be called the J-Type.

Source: AutoGuide