Jaguar is Considering a 3 Series Fighter

At the beginning of the last decade Jaguar released a small sedan that was dubbed the X-Type and was based off the same platform as the European Ford Mondeo. It was hardly a BMW 3 Series fighter, but Jaguar is starting to look at the segment again.

Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar’s new global brand director recently stated that Jaguar is mulling the idea of a small sports car that would also spawn a small sports sedan. “We need different models. We need lower priced models.” Hallmark stated.

Hallmark went on to emphasize that Jaguar needs a small sports car for its image and a sedan for volume. He also acknowledged the mistakes that Jaguar made with the X-Type and vowed not to make the same mistakes again. Since Jaguar is just now starting to think about a new small sedan, it could be quite some time before anything shows up in showrooms…

Full Story: AutoWeek

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