Audi recently announced a new naming convention for its lineup, which starts with the new A8, but it’s utterly confusing. Now Jaguar is getting ready to launch a new naming convention for its models, but unlike Audi, it should be a little easier for buyers to understand.

An Auto Express reader recently spotted a Jaguar F-Type with a new badge, “P380 AWD” on the back. The “P” in the name simply stands for petrol, while the “380” refers to the power output (in PS). See way easier to understand that Audi’s new naming convention. This means that other models, like the base four-cylinder F-Type will get a P300 badge. For its diesel models, the names will be D163, D180, D240, and D300.

According to Auto Express, the new naming convention will be applied to both Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. “E” will be used for its upcoming electric vehicles, with the I-Pace getting a “E400” badge. Do you think the new change is necessary or is it just another annoying badge that you’ll want to take off once you leave the dealer?

Source: Auto Express