Jaguar has confirmed that it’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) team will build a Project 9, which will follow the limited Project 7 and Project 8 high performance cars. While Jaguar has confirmed that a new Project 9 will happen, it hasn’t decided exactly what it will be.

Jaguar Project 8

“There will be a Project 9,” SVO boss John Edwards told Top Gear. “But there’s no decision on what it will be yet.” The Project 7 and Project 8 are both high performance cars, but there’s a chance that the Project 9 could go in a different direction. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be high performance,” he added, “we’re making up the rules as we go along.”

The Project 7 was based on the F-Type and last year’s XE SV Project 8 dialed up the performance of the XE.

Source: Top Gear