Is Honda Planning a Pickup Based on the CR-V?

Honda has some big things planned, but one interesting new model that we’re hearing rumors about is a new small pickup based on the CR-V/ Civic platform. Honda’s current pickup, the Ridgeline is getting updates for the 2012 model year, but it’s expected to be dead after 2013. Does that mean that Honda is planning a new smaller pickup?

According to AutoWeek, Honda may be planning a pickup based on the new Honda CR-V that is coming this fall. The smaller pickup could take over for the Ridgeline in 2013. Would buyers be more interested in a smaller Honda pickup than the larger Ridgeline?

Athough the compact pickup is still a rumor, Honda is going to release a new Accord next spring, which is expected to be a little smaller than the current model. The 2013 Accord will see the return of a hybrid version and the four-cylinder and V6 versions will also be offered.