Is Ford Thinking About Bringing Back the Taurus SHO?

It’s been quite a while since a Taurus SHO (Super High Output) was available in a Ford dealership, but this may change. Last Monday a group of 11 Chicago area Taurus SHO fanatics were quizzed by Ford execs about the car.

Members of this special focus group were asked a series of questions regarding their love for the high performance Taurus and what the car should be like if it were indeed resurrected. Don Mallinson on revealed the details of the meeting and also stated that the 11 lucky participants did not see any prototypes, sketches or anything that would confirm that the vehicle is actually under development.

Would you buy a Taurus SHO? If Ford is actually thinking about bringing this model back, it would likely be brought back after the next generation Taurus hits the market for 2010.

Full Story: via Autoblog

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