Is Ford Considering a Truck Smaller than the F-150 but Larger than the Ranger?

Full-size truck sales have dropped off considerably due to the high gas prices and declining housing market in the US. Gas prices alone have pushed many buyers into smaller vehicles leaving large trucks and SUVs on lots for weeks or months at a time. This new trend of moving into smaller vehicles may (hopefully) revive the small-midsize truck market.

It is now being rumored that Ford may be looking at building a smaller truck than the F-150, dubbed the F-100. This truck would be bigger than the aged Ranger pickup and would be based on the F-150. According to the F-100 would be about 9/10th the size of the F-150 and would use extensive amounts of aluminum to keep the weight down. The F-100 would also be built on the same assembly line as the larger F-150. Who knows what this means for the Ranger.

Full Story: via Autoblog

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