Is Acura Working on a New Compact and a Coupe?

Acura has already publicly announced that you won’t be seeing a V8 or RWD being offered on any of its models anytime soon, but Acura may release two new models that could bring some excitement to the brand. In 2006 Acura discontinued the RSX (above) and a few years before that the CL coupe was dropped. Acura may return to both segments in the near future with a new compact car based on the next-gen Honda Civic and a coupe based on the TSX.

If Acura does decide to return to the compact segment the earliest we would see the model would be in the spring of 2012 as a 2013 model. For now the only new vehicle headed to Acura showrooms this fall is the TSX wagon.

Full Story: Autoweek

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