Infiniti Wants to Increase Its Lineup with New Models and a GT-R Based Coupe

According to Nissan’s global design chief Shiro Nakamura, Infiniti is considering adding new models to its lineup that will stray from Infiniti’s current image. A new small car, a large “people mover”, a GT-R based coupe and new smaller engines are reportedly in the works.

Despite record gas prices, Inifiniti’s smallest engine remains the 3.5L V6, so Infiniti is working on a 2.5L for a new small car. Infiniti’s last 4-cylinder engine was in the G20, which was dropped after 2002.

The new high-end sports coupe that could be built off of the GT-R platform is not entirely compatible with Infiniti’s current lineup although significant interest within the company remains.

The new “people mover” model will be larger than both the FX and EX SUVs and will also be differentiated by different styling.

Full Story: Motor Authority

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