Fuel cell vehicles have yet to take off as well as regular electric vehicles, but a few automakers continue to invest in the technology. Fuel Cell vehicle buyers now have a new model to choose from with the debut of the Hyundai Nexo, which builds on the Tucson FCEV with more space and a 370 mile driving range.

Hyundai Nexo

The Hyundai Nexo has been unveiled at CES, which is Hyundai’s second-generation fuel cell vehicle, which will arrive in early 2018. Building upon the Tucson FCEV, the Nexo has a driving range of 370 miles, which is a nice 105 mile improvement over the Tucson. On the outside it’s also just over 10-inches longer, with 6 of those inches going between the wheels to give it a bigger interior.

Hyundai Nexo

The Nexo is based on a new dedicated vehicle architecture, which is lighter, more spacious than the Tucson and has an improved fuel cell system layout with the battery being relocated to the trunk. There’s also more power thanks to a 120 kW electric motor, which gives the Nexo a 0-60 mph time of 9.5 seconds, three seconds faster than the old Tucson FCEV.

Hyundai Nexo

The Nexo also arrives with some new tech features that are new to the Hyundai lineup. A Blind-spot View Monitor shows on a center cluster screen the rear and side views of the Nexo using cameras while changing lanes in either direction. Lane Following Assist automatically adjusts steering to help keep the Nexo centered in its lane of travel at speeds between 0 and 90 mph on both highways and city streets. The new Remote Smart Parking Assist enables the Nexo to autonomously park or retrieve itself from a parking space with or without a driver in the car.

The Nexo is one of 18 eco-friendly models that Hyundai will introduce by 2025.

Source: Hyundai