While electric start ups like Faraday Future and Lucid Air are still trying to get up and running, we now have another new company to add to the list. BYTON, a new start up in China has unveiled a concept version of its upcoming electric SUV at the Consumer Electronics Show.

BYTON electric suv concept

BYTON’s electric SUV concept was designed in Germany and its shape is actually similar to Faraday Future’s FF 91. According to BYTON, when the SUV arrives, it will be offered in two versions. The base model will feature rear-wheel drive and a 71 kWh battery pack that will give it a driving range around 250 miles. If you want more range, a second version with all-wheel drive and a 95 kWh battery pack will be able to travel 325 miles.

Pricing for the base 71 kWh model will start around $45,000.

BYTON electric suv concept

Inside the concept SUV is packed with new tech features, like a facial recognition system that is able to personalize settings based on each driver. It also features Amazon Alexa connectivity, an interesting 8-inch touchscreen in the steering wheel and a really large display that is stretched across the whole dashboard.

BYTON electric suv concept

The SUV will also arrive with Level 3 autonomous driving technology, although the hardware for Level 4 driving features will automatically be included.

BYTON’s electric SUV will go on sale first in China in 2019 before it goes on sale in the U.S. and Europe in 2020. The SUV’s platform will also be used for a future sedan and seven passenger vehicle.

Source: BYTON