This fall Hyundai is going to unveil the i30 Fastback N, the third model from its new N high performance lineup. The i30 Fastback N joins the i30 N and Veloster N as the first phase of Hyundai’s sporty sub-brand, but Hyundai has some big plans. Hyundai is planning other N performance models, which could eventually even include an N-badged electric car.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric batteries

Speaking to Automotive News, Albert Biermann, Hyundai-Kia’s head of vehicle testing and high-performance development hinted at the future of the N brand, which also likely will include an SUV and possibly even a fifth model.

“There’s a car within the next two or three months that we probably have a chance to show to Vice Chairman Chung [Eui-sun] and our top management,” Biermann revealed. “Depending on what is the current mood and situation, we might get a spontaneous ‘OK, go for it.’‚ÄČ”

In the not too distant future, the N brand could get a fully electric model as well. “When we think of cars after 2021 for N, I think we cannot avoid electrification,” Biermann said. “We will have an EV sooner or later. It’s just a matter of timing.” He even hinted that an Ioniq N could be possible.

“As an example, we have an Ioniq EV. Were we to find a nice battery, a bigger motor and inverter, we could make an Ioniq EV N with a nice chassis and more power,” he continued. “Something like that is not fully crazy.”

Source: Automotive News