Hyundai is Recalling Almost 400,000 Sonatas

Hyundai has issued a recall of 394,000 Sonatas model years 2006-2008 to check the front seat sensors.

Apparently some of the seat sensors are having difficulty distinguishing between adults and small children. Normally when a small child is present in the front seat the sensors will sense this and turn off the passenger airbag. However, Hyundai has informed the NHTSA that some of the sensors are not turning the airbag off when it is necessary.

Owners are being asked to check if the front passenger airbag is on when there is an adult in the seat. Hyundai estimates that the “bad sensors” are only in 1 percent of the vehicles. If the sensor is deemed defective the seats will be removed and sent out for reprogramming and owners will receive a rental car while the problem is being fixed.

Full Story: Autoblog

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