Hyundai Genesis Coupe is Going to Make its First Film Appearance in Fast and Furious 4

Who knew that they were actually working on a fourth version of the Fast and Furious movie series, but it looks like they are and the all-new 2009 Hyundai Genesis Coupe will have a starring role.

When Fast and Furious 4 is released sometime in 2009 it will star alongside the Nissan GT-R. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are also reportedly on board for the new movie. It is being reported that Hyundai has already supplied Universal with a red turbocharged Genesis Coupe SE for the movie.

new_york_auto_show_08_107.jpg new_york_auto_show_08_109.jpg new_york_auto_show_08_112.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe2.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe3.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe4.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe5.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe6.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe7.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe8.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe9.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe10.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe11.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe12.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe13.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe15.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe16.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe17.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe18.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe19.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe20.jpg 2010_genesis_coupe21.jpg

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