Hyundai has teamed up with Blood Type Racing to create the Hyundai BTR Edition Elantra Sport concept, which is going to debut at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Hyundai and Blood Type Racing started with the standard Elantra and added a bunch of goodies, like a Torcon CAI intake and Pierce Motorsports exhaust system, custom ECU, a water/methanol injection system, an HSD coilover suspension and Toyo T1 Sport tires. The exterior design has been amplified thanks to a custom body kit with a large rear wing and BASF Glasurit Arancio Borealis paint.

“The BTR Edition Elantra Sport takes the Elantra beyond its capable OEM-development roots without sacrificing daily drivability,” said Sam Lee, product manager, Blood Type Racing. “Building upon the well-developed Elantra Sport platform, powertrain and design fundamentals, we’ve given enthusiasts a new vision of where this affordable sport compact wants to go.”

Source: Hyundai