Honda's Prius Fighter Will be Here in April 2009 and for Less than $19K

Honda is hard at work on its 5-door hybrid hatchback that is aimed squarely at the Toyota Prius.

We’ve already seen test mules of the new hybrid during hot weather testing and from what we can tell it looks a lot like the Prius and new Honda FCX Clarity. Honda is expected to unveil the new hybrid this fall at the Paris Motor Show with sales starting next April.

According to Richard Colliver, executive vice president of Honda Motor Co. America, the new hybrid will be priced below the Prius (around $19K) and is smaller than the current Civic hybrid. According to sources the hybrid is expected to get around 60 mpg.

Honda is expecting to sell 100,000 units in the US annually.

The next-generation Prius is also expected to bow next year.

Also don’t worry the new hybrid is not going to look anything like the concept shown above.

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