Honda has announced that it’s bringing a prototype off-road vehicle, called  the Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle to CES next month in Las Vegas. The prototype is based on Honda’s all-terrain vehicle and features autonomous technology that can help make “off-road” work safer and more efficient.

Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle

Honda says that the autonomous work vehicle will be able to support people in a variety of industries, like search and rescue, firefighting, construction, agriculture, landscaping, and snow removal. By showing off the autonomous work vehicle at CES, Honda is hoping to find potential business and technology partners to help bring the vehicle to life.

Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle

The prototype autonomous work vehicle features GPS and sensor-based autonomy capable of guiding the unit in almost any environment. Its compact size and off-road capabilities make it highly maneuverable and perfect for a variety of locations, from dense forests to urban pedestrian zones.

“Honda showed its vision of the Autonomous Work Vehicle as a concept at CES 2018, and we’ve been testing in real-world scenarios to demonstrate the value and capabilities of this unique machine,” said Pete Wendt, senior planner in Advanced Product Planning, Honda R&D Americas. “Honda is looking for additional partners to evolve the technology and develop attachments or accessories that will expand the potential uses for the Autonomous Work Vehicle.”

Source: Honda