Honda Reveals its 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon Lineup

Honda has unveiled its lineup for the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon, which is basically similar to SEMA. The show kicks off at the same time as the Detroit Auto Show, this Sunday.

The two main vehicles at the show will be the Sports Modulo S2000 and Fit Concepts, but check out the gallery to see the other models.

sports_modulo_s2000_concept_2.jpg honda_crossroad_styling_study.jpg honda_fit_sports_neo.jpg honda_life_pastel.jpg honda_life_style_study.jpg honda_life_style_study_2.jpg honda_life_style_study_3.jpg honda_life_style_study_4.jpg honda_life_style_study_5.jpg honda_life_style_study_6.jpg honda_zest_spark.jpg modulo_freed.jpg modulo_odyssey_absolute.jpg modulo_odyssey.jpg sports_modulo_civic_type_r.jpg sports_modulo_fit_concept.jpg sports_modulo_fit_concept_2.jpg touring_modulo_accord_tourer.jpg touring_modulo_accord.jpg