Honda Releases Specs for the Refreshed 2012 Pilot

We’ve already seen the official photo of the 2012 Honda Pilot, but now Honda has released the specs for the refreshed crossover.

The 2012 Pilot gets a refreshed front end, which includes a new three bar grille. Honda claims that the new grille gives the 2012 Pilot a “more sophisticated crossover SUV appearance.” The interior updates mainly focus on the instrument panel, which includes a more intuitive button layout.

Under the hood the 250-hp 3.5L V6 gets refinements that improve its fuel economy, giving the 2WD Pilot the title of “the highest fuel economy of any 8-passenger SUV.” The 4WD Pilot is now has the highest fuel economy for any mid-size 4WD SUV. The 4WD Pilot gets 17/24 mpg, while the 2WD gets 18/25 mpg. It was thought that the Pilot would get a new six-speed automatic, but instead the Pilot is keeping its five-speed.

The 2012 Pilot starts at $28,470.

2012_Honda_Pilot_Touring_2.jpg 2012_Honda_Pilot_Touring.jpg 2012_Honda_Pilot_Touring_3.jpg 2012_Honda_Pilot_Touring_4.jpg