Honda Planning Larger Hybrid Sports Coupe

A Honda insider recently revealed to Motor Trend, that the automaker is hard at work on a next-gen hybrid sports coupe that will be bigger and more powerful than the yet to be released Honda CR-Z (pictured above).

According to the source the new Honda hybrid sports coupe will mate a 2.5L four-cylinder gas engine to Honda’s IMA hybrid system. The coupe is expected to be around the same size as the Accord Coupe and will seat four.

In addition to the hybrid sports coupe, Honda is also at work on a V6 hybrid system for use in US-spec minivans and SUVs. The source also told Motor Trend that Honda is working on a plug-in hybrid system that is similar to the Chevy Volt. The plug-in system would be used in Honda’s medium to large cars and SUVs.

Full Story: Motor Trend