Honda is making it easier for buyers to find a used vehicle. The automaker already lists its certified pre-owned (CPO) models on its website, but now it’s expanding the website by listing non-certified, pre-owned vehicles as well.

According to Honda its the first mass-market automaker to offer used vehicles on its website. The program, called HondaTrue Certified, is meant to appeal to young and first-time buyers that can’t afford the rising new-vehicle prices. All of the vehicles can be up to 10 years old.

HondaTrue Certified

“With the continued rise in new-vehicle prices, the first vehicle purchase for many buyers will come from the used-car market, and our upgraded website makes this process more simple and enjoyable,” said Dan Rodriguez, manager of auto remarketing at American Honda. “As a leading brand among first-time and younger buyers, expanding our branded website to include used vehicles up to ten years old offers customers more high value options with quality Honda products and their local Honda dealer standing behind their purchase.”