Honda Insight Says Goodbye After 2014?

Will the 2014 model year be the last year for the slow selling Honda Insight hybrid?


Ok it’s pretty obvious that the Honda Insight has been no match for the Toyota Prius in the hybrid wars, so we shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the Insight may be going away. According to AutoblogGreen, the 2014 Honda Insight might be the last year for Honda’s slow selling hybrid.
Sources have reportedly revealed that Honda hasn’t prepared anything for the 2015 Insight, like the usual advertising materials, which provides fuel for the argument that it may simply disappear from the lineup. There is a chance that Honda could be working on a new Insight, but it’s not known. Right now the Insight is lost in the Honda lineup, since the Civic Hybrid outsells it and even the new Accord Hybrid is more fuel efficient.

Honda execs declined to comment on the rumors, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Honda has something in the works to replace the Insight. Honda did say that the Accord Hybrid‘s two-motor hybrid system will be offered in another model, so if you’re an Insight fan, maybe there is hope for another one…

Source: Honda via AutoblogGreen