Honda CR-Z Will Only be Offered as a Hybrid

If you were hoping that Honda was eventually going to release a non-hybrid version of its upcoming CR-Z hybrid, it looks like your hopes are lost. Although a CR-Z with the 2.0L from the Civic Si would have been awesome, according to a source it’s not going to happen.

“This will definitely only be a hybrid,” a source said. “The whole direction of Honda is hybrids and this car is designed all around a hybrid powertrain. The car isn’t boring; it is responsive and fun.”

Although the CR-Z has been dubbed the spiritual successor to the much-loved CR-X from the 80’s, it’s not going to be offered with a high revving conventional engine.

Honda_CR-Z_Concept_interior.jpg Honda_CR-Z_Concept_rear.jpg Honda_CR-Z_Concept_34.jpg Honda_CR-Z_Concept_side.jpg Honda_CR-Z_Concept_interior2.jpg Honda_CR-Z_Concept_interior3.jpg

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