Honda Continues Work on New NSX… Positioned as Counterpart to CR-Z

It’s been years since Honda killed the NSX and work was started on a new one before the economic meltdown. Back in 2008 Honda killed work on the new NSX, but it looks like plans are back on. The prototype that was being tested before its death in 2008, was a front-engine model with a V10 under the hood. It looks like the NSX that is currently under development will not be getting that engine. Instead Honda is working on a hybrid setup for the NSX.

Honda president Takanobu Ito recently confirmed that Honda is working on a new NSX. Ito spoke to reporters at the Shanghai Motor Show and stated that Honda wants to build a car that would be fun to drive and at the same time environmentally friendly. Ito didn’t provide any other details about the next NSX, but it’s expected to be positioned as a high-performance counterpart to the Honda CR-Z.

Full Story: Automotive News

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