There have been rumors about an S2000 successor for years, ever since the S2000 went out of production. Recently we saw patent photos of a small sports car that takes styling cues from the Acura NSX, but in a smaller package. Now we have more proof that Honda is working on something, thanks to new patent photos that show a targa roof.

Honda Targa Roof Patent

The patent photos show the design for a new targa roof on the Honda S600 kei-class roadster. According to the patent, Honda wants to “achieve a balance between an open feel of a Targa top vehicle and convenience of simply opening and closing an opening of a roof.” The patent further describes the removable top has having a canvas panel with a metal frame that would attach to the windshield and a spot behind the driver and passenger.

The targa roof is designed to either use a motor to move the canvas roof back and forth or it can be manually moved. The design also gets rid of the need to find a place to store it, when the driver wants the roof open. But if the driver is trying to reduce the vehicle’s overall weight, like on the track, the entire roof can be detached.

Baby NSX Patent

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office