GM's Next-Gen Midsize Sedans to Only Feature 4-Cyl Engines

According to GMInsideNews, GM’s mid-size sedans are eventually only going to be offered with four-cylinder engines. GM is making an effort to downsize its engine lineup in preparation for the 2015 CAFE standards.

This means that the next generation Chevy Malibu that is expected to arrive late next year will no longer be offered with a V6. It will likely be powered by the same 2.4L four-cyl that powers the 2011 Buick Regal. Speaking of the Regal you will notice that it’s only available with either a 182-hp 2.4L or a turbocharged 220-hp 2.0L 4-cyl engine.

Other larger sedans like the Chevy Impala will continue to have V6 engines.

Full Story: GMInsideNews