GM Releases Photos of a Pre-Production Camaro Convertible

There have been so many photos of the upcoming Chevy Camaro..that its getting a little crazy, but due to the positive feedback of the first pre=production photos, GM has released two new ones of the Camaro Convertible.

The photos were posted on GM’s FastLane Blog and are reportedly a reward for the overwhelmingly positive response from the first photos that GM released (remember the first white Camaro). These photos don’t really reveal much more than we have already seen, although we do get to see what the convertible looks like with its top up.

Enjoy. (And yes, I know that some people are tired of seeing Camaro pics, but don’t spoil the fun for those that are excited about this car).

gm_chevrolet_camaro_convertible_prepro2_.jpg.jpg gm_chevrolet_camaro_convertible_prepro3_.jpg

Full Story: GM Fastlane Blog

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