GM Recalls 1.3 Million Cobalts and G5s to Fix Power Steering System

GM has announced a recall of 1.3 million Chevy Cobalts and Pontiac G5 models to replace a motor in the power steering system. The affected models were built from 2005-2010. The motors need to be replaced due to the fact that over time they can fail.

“After our in-depth investigation, we found that this is a condition that takes time to develop. It tends to occur in older models out of warranty,” said Jamie Hresko, GM Vice President of Quality. “Recalling these vehicles is the right thing to do for our customers’ peace of mind.

“While greater steering effort under 15 mph may be required, if the customer experiences loss of power steering assist, it is important to note that the vehicle can still be safely controlled because the customer can still steer the vehicle,” Hresko said. “When the condition occurs, both a chime will sound and a ‘Power Steering’ message will be displayed.”

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